Hi, we're WYSIWYG!

We are Kristi Schuck and Marie Farley Christiansen, two women united by personal tragedies and a mutual desire to make purpose from our pain through sharing our passion and journey with the world. Together we came to the realization that our story - as hard as it may be - will bring hope and healing. It is our mission to inspire people to live authentic, healthier lives, both in body and mind.

This is our story, 10 years and one week apart.

Each of our husbands, in their early 30’s, were given the life-changing news that they had cancer. The exact same kind of cancer. Both of our husbands died at the exact same age of 40. Each of us had 3 small children all the same ages when they had to learn to navigate life without their fathers. The heartbreak we experienced in that season would forever bond us on a journey of faith, inner-strength and perseverance. One common thread that always rang true: Hope is why we are here.

Why HOPE? Because our husbands far outlived every diagnosis they were ever given. Because our children received so many years with their fathers that they were never supposed to have. Because we got to create memories every day that we were never supposed to get. Because we got to live our lives without regret. Because miracles were and are present every day.

During their illnesses each of us were determined to find natural ways to support our husband’s delicate conditions, we began researching the incredible health benefits of organic juices and the amazing ways that raw fruit and vegetables can help support the body's immune system, digestive health, and overall well-being. Creating and perfecting juice blends that improved their lives became our passion and our obsession. Our favorite endorsement of our juices came from our husbands and families that ultimately planted the seeds for WYSIWYG.

"Hope is why we are here."

Our juices are raw and 100% real - made with only the freshest ingredients. They never contain additives or artificial ingredients. We know first-hand how important the cold-pressed process is to squeeze every last drop of the essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are so vital to our health.

Each and every bottle of WYSIWYG is made with Hope - just as they were for our husbands. We've made it our life's mission to help others live well and feel vibrant. We have a mutual passion for seeing the Hope in the darkest of life’s moments, and for creating opportunities to be in the journey of health with you. We believe our juices and cleanse programs can be a part of that.

Hope IS our secret ingredient.