Hi, we're WYSIWYG!

We are Kristi Schuck and Marie Farley Christiansen, two women driven by hope and courage who decided to join forces and spread our passion for healthy living through what we love most: organic juice & positive energy.

What we love most: organic juice & positive energy. We met in a time of uncertainty and sorrow, sharing a mutual diagnosis of a disease that claimed both of our husbands. They were the same age and had in common an identical tenacity to fight the illness, teaching us incredible strength and courage.

Every single one of our juices are made with love - to honor our husbands and to share the incredible health benefits organic fruits and vegetables provide. Our juices are raw and 100% real - made with only the freshest ingredients.

"What we love most: organic juice & positive energy."

What You See Is What You Get

Our juices don't ever contain additives or artificial ingredients. It's true - just healthy stuff in each glass of WYSIWYG - nothing more, nothing less. Because What You see is What You Get (except that extra pinch or love, of course)

Our process involves a powerful nine tons of pressure to squeeze every last drop of goodness from our ingredients. This also preserves the delicious natural flavors and keeps the essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are so important to our health.

We've made it our life's mission at WYSIWYG to help others live well and feel good everyday. We have a mutual passion for personal growth and positivity, and we are always happy to help guide you to a healthier, happier life through our juices and cleanse programs.

So let's grow together - one fresh glass at a time!