3 Day Essential Juice Cleanse

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Our Essential Cleanse is perfect for you if you are new to a cleanse or you are looking to saturate your body with nutrition that tastes phenomenal as well! Are you looking for more energy? Better sleep? To say goodbye to sugar cravings? Our Essential cleanse helps detoxify your body, gets rid of inflammation, increases your beneficial gut bacteria, aids in healthy weight loss, boost your metabolism and so much more! The precious vitamins, minerals, enzymes and nutrients will help bring healing to your cells that can transform how you feel and look! This cleanse will checks all the boxes! This cleanse includes fifteen 16 ounce juices and three 16 ounce nut mylks.

  • 3 - Immunity
  • 3 - Alert
  • 3 - Boost
  • 3 - Recover
  • 3 - Cleanse
  • 3 - Nut Mylk of Choice 

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    Our juice is cold-pressed fresh every day!
    We flash freeze it immediately to retain the highest quality.


    Not from concentrate, No artificial preservatives, colors or flavors; No sugar added


    NO Soy, NO Dairy. It's Gluten-Free, and non-GMO


    Not from concentrate, No artificial preservatives, colors or flavors; No sugar added


    WYSIWYG juice is made with cold-pressure processing, that involves 9 tons of pressure to insure maximum shelf life and maintains essential vitamins, minerals & enzymes from the fruits and veggies.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews

    Works great; tastes better. 5 stars! [Especially in this heat, it would be great if delivery could be tracked so we could plan on being home for it. Each time, we have no clue when it's arriving. Your packaging is wonderful but no match for this heat when the parcel is left in this heat. If there's a tracking # and a way to monitor it's arrival, that's news to me. (If I missed this piece, kindly do inform.) I'm separating this shipping matter from the delicious product which alone gets the 5 star review. However, if the delivery process compromises or threatens the product then I'd be down both product and money. It's an expensive product and well worth it but if we don't know when the parcel is arriving it makes for a scary investment when it's just left on the hot porch. Considering these variables its just something to be aware of, is all.] We're in Minnesota; and have no clue why it's showing Illinois on the review. *Edited to note this; unable to correct location.

    Denise Kiecker
    Maybe it was me ...

    It took me 1/2 a bottle of a few of them to get used the taste, but then I like them all. They are so fresh and you can taste every fruit. Halfway thru day 2, I kept getting headaches off and on. Maybe it was from lack of food (?) I definitely felt better after the cleanse.

    Rachel P
    Awesome Cleanse!

    This was my first cleanse and I would definitely do one again! They made it so easy with having everything labeled - I knew exactly what to do to get the most of the experience. The first day was TOUGH. But the juices were really delicious and by Day 3 I would've kept going. Thanks for the personal delivery to our group in Minneapolis - we'd definitely do this again!

    Rachel P we loved delivering to your group and love your loyalty!! Thank you for choosing WYSIWYG Juice Co. and let us know any time we can help your group. We love you!

    Jen P
    Great but hit a snag

    After the holidays and my birthday, I knew it was time for a reset. I was not in the mood for the usual proper green cleanse (which is all veggies and one fruit in a bottle). The green cleanse for me is a bit too detoxing and also the week after is miserable, so I went with the 3 day essential cleanse with the chai cashew milk. Everything arrived quickly and packaged well. Unfortunately I had to delay that start of my cleanse by a day. Despite following the "thawing" instructions to a T and putting my juices in the refrigerator 24hours before, they were all still very much frozen (not slushy). I also was a bit surprised that there was very limited information included on what you are able to eat during, and after (without contacting the shop). I went online, and used previous cleanse information and typed up a proper sheet to follow during and after. Once you finish a cleanse the days after are extremely important and if you do not eat properly your body and tummy will be a mess. Some tricks that have worked for me include eating as a vegan would 3 days after and vegetarian 3 days after that, also no alcohol, dairy, carbs/processed foods or added sugar for at least two weeks after. Please do your research before starting a cleanse and follow the in box instructions. It also does not hurt to call into the shop and talk with someone, especially if its your first time cleansing.
    Overall my experience with WYSIWYG was positive and they are right up there with some of the oober- expensive Juice companies. I look forward to using them again for my total body reset!

    Thank you so much, Jen P for your thoughtful response. We appreciate the time you took to help us serve you and ultimately others, better. I am going to work on this TODAY, because you are right~it is integral to the entire cleansing experience. Thank you for your purchase and for helping us be the best version of WYSIWYG we can be! Have the best day!